Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wonder Woman Bronze Age Villains

Ever wonder who faced Wonder Woman in the Silver and Bronze Ages?  

Well, wonder no more as here's a quick collection of a few of her villains (represented on the cover of Wonder Woman #323 of February, 1985, by Ed Barreto)....

....Dr. Psycho, Silver Swan, Angle Man and the Cheetah. 

Dr. Psycho

Dr. Psycho's first Earth-1 appearance happened in Wonder Woman #160 (February, 1966) by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, but to be fair, he was adapted from the Golden Age Earth-2 villain of the same name, who first appeared in Wonder Woman #5 (June-July, 1943).

The doctor was an evil little man with the ability to manipulate the mind, fighting Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman #160, #163, #165, #168 and #170, then taking a break to come back with Wonder Woman #288 to #290 before the team-up of Wonder Woman villains in Wonder Woman #323 (February, 1985).

Silver Swan

Silver Swan came to life in Wonder Woman #288 (February, 1982) by Roy Thomas, Gene Colan and Romeo Tanghal, with ballet dancer Helen Alexandros being manipulated by the god, Mars, into a super-powered enemy for Wonder Woman.

Silver Swan worked with Dr. Psycho (and his alter ego of Captain Wonder) in Wonder Woman #288 to #290, before returning in Wonder Woman #323 (February, 1985).

Angle Man

Angle Man bent his way into Wonder Woman's life on Earth-1 starting with Wonder Woman #115 (July, 1960) by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, but his alternate Earth originator started much earlier, with Wonder Woman #62 (November-December, 1953) as "Angle" Andrews, before becoming the Angle Man in Wonder Woman #70 (November, 1954).

A villain in a business suit who could calculate all the angles, messing with Wonder Woman in flashback issues of Wonder Woman #164 and #161, then continuing in Wonder Woman #115, #128, #130, Justice League of America #14 (which might have convinced him to join the Academy of Arch-Villains in Wonder Woman #141), Wonder Woman #158 and #174, before getting a bit of a rest, then coming back as a costumed villain with a powerful device called the Angler in Secret Society of Super-Villains #10 and DC Special Series #6, keeping those items to face Wonder Woman again, in Wonder Woman #243, #254 and then #271 to #273, before facing Etta Candy's version of Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman #323 (February, 1985). 


The Cheetah was an actual new villain with an old name, with Deborah Domaine premiering in Wonder Woman #274 (December, 1980) by Gerry Conway, Jose Delbo and Dave Hunt, as the niece of the original Cheetah, Priscilla Rich, with Debbi being a recipient of the wealth the Cheetah had collected over the years (but not being aware of her aunt's villainous past).

Debbi was trying to save the planet (because she had wealth because of her aunt), until her aunt died, and Debbi was taken by agents of Kobra, who had planned to recruit the original, now deceased, Cheetah, so instead turned her niece into a crazed cat lady, to have her attack Wonder Woman as the new Cheetah in Wonder Woman #274 and #275, then later joining with the Secret Society of Super-Villains to face the Justice League and Justice Society in Justice League of America #195 to #197, before joining up with Wonder Woman's foes in Wonder Woman #323 (February, 1985). 

These villains all appeared in the Crisis On Infinite Earths, which erased the Silver/Bronze Age Wonder Woman, and all her foes (and even villains like the original Golden Age Cheetah), from history (for a time)...

....though they all did come back.

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