Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Swing Into Summer With Green Lantern, Wonder Woman And Flash

Today is the first day of Summer, and, using Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Flash as a guide, you should be outside, enjoying the they did on the cover of Comic Cavalcade #3 (Summer, 1943) by Frank Harry.

No scene like this exists in the comic....instead we are treated to separate stories of the heroes:

"The Invisible Invader" featuring Wonder Woman by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter, "The Guy Who Liked Bananas" with The King by Gardner Fox and Jon Chester Kozlak, "Master Sgt. Meyer Levin, Bombardier And Hero" featuring real life hero Sgt. Meyer Levin by Jon L. Blummer, "A Little Savage Revenge" featuring fictional pilot Hop Harrigan, also by Jon L. Blummer, "The Man Most Likely To Succeed" with Sargon The Sorceror by John B. Wentworth and Sheldon Moldoff, "The Bushmster" featuring Green Lantern by Bill Finger and Stan Aschmeier,  and "The Laws Of Pumpkin Center" with the Flash by Gardner Fox and Lou Ferstadt (along with Mutt & Jeff one-pagers inside).

Best of all, this issue, along with Comic Cavalcade #1 and #2, were reprinted in the Comic Cavalcade Archive #1 (and only) in April, 2005.

Now, stop reading and go outside!!!

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