Saturday, July 20, 2024

Remembering Artist Dick Giordano

Remembering artist Dick Giordano on his birthday (July 20, 1932 - March 27, 2010) with a little look at his covers featuring Gunmaster for Charlton comics.

Simplistic for its time, still an interesting series that debuted in Six-Gun Heroes #57 (June, 1960) and ran through issues #83 (March-April, 1965), along with two runs of self titled series, one for four issues (#1 to #4), and the second running for 6 issues, picking up its numbering from Six-Gun Heroes, though Giordano didn't do covers for the whole series, the ones he did are below.

Gunmaster was Clay Boone, a gunsmith who travelled from town to town with a small arsenal, dispensing justice with lead in his masked identity.  He even added a sidekick, Bullet the Gun-Boy (who was Bob Tellub) in Six-Gun Heroes #79 (March, 1964), and faced foes like Doctor Dynamite and various other thugs and cattle rustlers.

Six-Gun Heroes #57 and #58 (June and August, 1960)


Six-Gun Heroes #62 and #71 (April, 1961 and November, 1962)


Six-Gun Heroes #73 and #74 (March and May, 1963)


Six-Gun Heroes #76 and #77 (September and November, 1963)


Six-Gun Heroes #78 and #79 (January and March, 1964)


Six-Gun Heroes #80 and Gunmaster #1 (September, 1964)


Six-Gun Heroes #81 and Gunmaster #2 (November, 1964)


Six-Gun Heroes #82 and Gunmaster #3 (January, 1965)


Six-Gun Heroes #83 and Gunmaster #84 (March-April and July, 1965)


Gunmaster #85 (September, 1965)



Wednesday, July 17, 2024

National Hot Dog Day With Jughead

Celebrating National Hot Dog Day with Jughead...but, maybe that's not such a great idea, as if Jughead enters the hot dog eating contest, he'll win by shown in this cover by Rex Lindsey for Archie's Pal Jughead Comics #151 (August, 2003).  


Saturday, July 13, 2024

Remembering Artist Tom Palmer

Remembering artist Tom Palmer on his birthday (July 13, 1941 - August 18, 2022).  

Known more for his inking work than his artistry...

...he did do some incredible painted covers, here a couple for Skywald, with the title of Crime Machine (#1 from February, 1971 and #2 from May, 1971), a magazine with reprints of pre-code 1950s crime comics from titles including Parole Breakers, Murderous Gangsters, Police Line-Up, Behind Prison Bars, Famous Gangsters and Gangsters and Gunmolls.

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Remembering Artist Murphy Anderson

Remembering artist Murphy Anderson on his birthday (July 9, 1926 - October 22, 2015) with a little look at his Strange Adventures...that is, two science fiction series he worked on, Captain Comet and the Atomic Knights.

Captain Comet was Adam Blake, a mutant born before his time with incredible mental powers, and the Atomic Knights included Gardner Grayle, who awoke to find himself in a post-apocalyptic world.

More on Captain Comet here, and the Atomic Knights here!

While a collection of the Atomic Knights happened over a decade ago, a planned Archive for Captain Comet never happened due to the end of the DC Archive line.


Friday, July 5, 2024

National Bikini Day 2024 With Betty And Veronica

Celebrating National Bikini Day with a pair of Betty and Veronica covers, featuring Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge in bikinis...

...with Betty and Veronica #54 (August, 1992) and #55 (September, 1992) with art by Dan DeCarlo...

...showing Archie Andrews captivated by the ladies' beauty!

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Happy 4th Of July With The Marvel Family

Celebrate the 4th of July with family...the Marvel Family, that is, as Freddy, Billy and Mary play the fife and drum on this cover to Marvel Family #23 (May, 1948) (likely by Pete Costanza) in their super identities of Captain Marvel Jr, Captain Marvel and Mary Marvel. 

Inside the issue, the Marvel Family deals with the Sivana Family, Captain Marvel deals with a distant relative of Thor, and more stories with Junior and Mary!

Monday, July 1, 2024

Super Cowboy

Superboy takes to the rodeo, becoming a Super-Cowboy in Adventure Comics #132 (September, 1948) under a cover by Win Mortimer...

...but why?

Here's the tale...

Superboy - Super-Cowboy!

In this story by Bill Finger and Al Wenzel, Clark Kent's math teacher, Edwin Sayers, inherits what he thinks is a ranch, and takes his class out west to enjoy it.  Getting there, they find it not all it was promised to be, so Clark goes into action as Superboy, fixing it up and bringing in horses...all the while uncovering dirty deeds by Edwin's new neighbor, Ben Torpe, who was illegally syphoning oil from the area.