Friday, June 2, 2023

Happy Doughnut Day 2023

It's not art but I know what I like...words that Jughead Jones could use, after checking out this art exhibit with Betty and Veronica on this cover to Jughead's Double Digest #2 (December, 1989) by Dan DeCarlo and Jim DeCarlo, as he plans to go to Donut World...which is appropriate, as today is National Doughnut Day!

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Justice Traps The Guilty Kirby 1940s

Been found guilty of not covering as many crime comics as needed this month, so, a special treat...fresh from the 1940s, covers of Justice Traps The Guilty from the Prize Group, with 11 covers by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, covering the 1940s covers by Kirby/Simon (then they briefly went with photo covers to finish the 1940s and start the 1950s).

A look back at a time when justice was swift, and crime didn't pay!

Justice Traps The Guilty #1 and #2 (Oct-Nov , 1947 and Jan 1948)


Justice Traps The Guilty #3 and #4 (Mar-Apr and May-Jun, 1948)


Justice Traps The Guilty #5 and #6 (Jul-Aug and Sep-Oct, 1948)


Justice Traps The Guilty #7 and #8 (Nov-Dec, 1948 and Jan-Feb, 1949)


Justice Traps The Guilty #9 and #10 (Apr-May and Jun-Jul, 1949)


Justice Traps The Guilty #11 (Aug-Sept, 1949)

These don't quite have the innocence of the Guardian and the Newsboy Legion, but are interesting to look at!

Monday, May 29, 2023

For Memorial Day

Sgt. Rock and Easy Company were no strangers to the horrors of war, the worst of which was that some of them wouldn't be coming home.

We salute those who gave their all to defend our country on this Memorial Day with this Joe Kubert cover to Sgt. Rock #324 (January, 1979).

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Flash Facts Run Review

Time to take a look back at the race that Flash has run...

...with a look at a special issue that reviewed what happened the day a bolt of lightning hit a shelf of chemicals in the lab of police scientist Barry Allen...

...scarring him horribly, and leaving him paralyzed in a hospital for years....

...wait, what?

Yes, that is where the story starts for Flash #300 (August, 1981, by Cary Bates, Carmine Infantino and Bob Smith, with a cover by Infantino and Dick Giordano) in "1981 - A Flash Odyssey".

At Morningside clinic, Dr. Petrou is confronting the patient Barry Allen about his delusions (brought on by his accident and years of reading comics) that he is the fastest man alive.

Along the way, they go through Barry's origin, the origin of Jay Garrick, Barry's first meeting with Jay, reuniting the Justice Society of America and the multiple Earths with their own crisis and more. 

Covering the origins of Mirror Master, Pied Piper, Captain Boomerang, Weather Wizard, Kid Flash, Gorilla Grodd, Heat Wave, Captain Cold, the Top, Golden Glider, Elongated Man, Mr. Element and Dr. Alchemy, the Trickster, Rainbow Raider and the Reverse Flash (including Barry and Iris' wedding)...

...all to get to the reveal of the villain who pulled this magic trick on the Flash (where Barry outsmarted this foe, yet again!).

An issue that was a great way to review the live of Barry Allen, and cap the career of CW's Flash!


Saturday, May 20, 2023

Remembering Writer Gardner Fox

Remembering writer Gardner Fox on his birthday (May 20, 1911 to December 24, 1986) with a look at his work in DC's Silver Age, on the team he created...

..the Justice League of America!

Gardner wrote the first three appearances of the Justice League in Brave and the Bold, facing off against Starro, Xotar the Weapons Master (pictured on the cover of the Justice League of America Omnibus #1) and Amazo... 

...before moving over to its own title in, starting with #1 (facing Despero).  

Along the way, the JLA fought Kanjar Ro, Dr. DestinyFelix Faust, Dr. Light, and so many more; added members like Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkman; introduced Zatanna (who shares a birthday with her creator), as well as introducing readers to the multiverse with the Flash of Two Worlds (in the Flash's title), leading to the return of the Justice Society of America there, and becoming an annual tradition of JLA/JSA team-ups, which even introduced the world to the android Red Tornado, which ended Gardner's run on the JLA. 

For all this, and so much more (including Dr. Fate and Batgirl), Gardner, we salute you!



Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Superman Vs Luthor Over Washington

Superman faces Lex Luthor over the skies of Washington DC in this image from May from the 1977 Super DC Calendar, with art by Curt Swan and Bob Oksner.  

While Superman seems to be winning this battle, the Washington Monument might disagree.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Happy Mother's Day With A Young Wonder Woman 2023

A Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, and may your day not be as eventful as it was for the young Wonder Woman, who had to defend her mother, Queen Hippolyta, from the Sky Riders of Nebulosta in Wonder Woman #209 (December-January, 1973/1974) by Robert Kanigher, Ric Estrada and Vince Colletta (which was an Earth-1 version of the first Wonder Girl story from Wonder Woman #23 (May-June, 1947) by William Marston and H. G. Peter.