Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Celebrating Artist Jerry Ordway

Celebrating artist Jerry Ordway's birthday (November 28, 1957), with a pair of Secret Origins covers that represent his career as well.

Jerry's earliest work involved both the All-Star Squadron and Infinity, Inc. (heavily focused on Earth-2, and the Justice Society of America), so the Hawkman/Power Girl cover shows that nicely.  After these issues, Jerry also spent many a year working on Superman titles (not to mention inking the Golden Age Superman in Crisis On Infinite Earths), so these covers are nice to help to sum up years of joy at looking at the work of Jerry Ordway, not only from the 1980s, but even today, as this variant Justice Society of America cover shows!


Friday, November 24, 2023

Richie Rich Black Friday

Be careful out there today using your credit card for purchases on Black Friday...

...as, unlike Richie Rich, you don't have unlimited funds to spend and a plethora of credit cards, as Richie has on this cover to Richie Rich Success Stories #40 (October, 1971).

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving 2023

May you have a happy Thanksgiving with all your friends and family, but don't pull a Jughead and hog the turkey...

...like Jughead is trying on this cover to The New Archies #11 (January, 1989) by Henry Scarpelli and Rudy Lapick.


Sunday, November 19, 2023

Remembering Artist Steve Lightle

Though Steve Lightle (November 19, 1959 - January 8, 2021) only worked briefly on the Doom Patrol, helping to bring back the title in the 1980s (starting in October, 1987)....

...his 5 issues were pretty memorable, and only make you wish that he could have done more (especially his work on Cliff Steele...the Robotman, as well as introducing readers to Lodestone and Karma!).

Doom Patrol #2 and #3 (November and December, 1987)


Doom Patrol #4 and #5 (January and February, 1988)


Still, we remember Steve, and honor his work!

Friday, November 17, 2023

Army At War

DC was trying something new in 1978 (at least according to the cover blurb....) with Army At War #1 (October-November, 1978)...an anthology title, focusing on not only World War II, but also the Revolutionary War and the Vietnam War.

But, even with an incredible Joe Kubert cover, this comic lost the war against sales, as, in the midst of the DC Implosion, it was cancelled after its first issue.

Still, DC did have a couple of war titles that had switched from anthologies, Sgt. Rock and the Unknown Soldier!

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Superman Salutes Our Veterans

Technically, it is Lois Lane who is saluting our veterans on this classic cover for Superman #29 (July-August, 1944) by Wayne Boring and George Roussos, but Superman is watching approvingly.

As always, we appreciate all our armed forces do for us!

Sunday, November 5, 2023

Celebrating Artist Jim Steranko

Celebrating artist Jim Steranko on his birthday (November, 5, 1938) with his all too few Captain America covers.

While his run on that iconic hero didn't last long, like most of the work he did, it was influential, from the addition of Madame Hydra to the mythos, as well as an often homaged cover.

Strange Tales #159 and Captain America #110 (August, 1967 and, February 1969)


Captain America #111 and #113 (March and May, 1969)


A bonus Strange Tales cover featuring Captain America vs. Nick Fury, as Steranko's work there is also fondly thought of...and a little of it here!


Saturday, November 4, 2023

Robin Vs The Clock

For a time, Robin had a solo feature in Star Spangled Comics.

In that feature, Robin even had a few of his own foes...and one of the most frequent was the Clock!

Starting in Star Spangled Comics #70 (July, 1947) by Don Cameron and Win Mortimer, the Clock was a menace to the Boy Wonder with his "Clocks Of Doom!", returning with "The Clock Strikes!" in Star Spangled Comics #74 (November, 1947) by Bill Finger and Jim Mooney, again for "Zero Hour!" in Star Spangled Comics #79 (April, 1948), also by Finger and Mooney, and a last tick for "The Man Who Stole Time!" with Star Spangled Comics #97 (October, 1949, with Tomahawk on the cover) by Finger/Mooney.

Star Spangled Comics #70 and #74 (July and November, 1947)


Star Spangled Comics #79 and #97 (April, 1948 and October, 1949)


A timely villain for the day, and amazing he wasn't part of the Time Foes, and find out where these are reprinted here!

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

War Chess

Still a little horror, both supernatural as well as real, with this Ernie Chan cover to Weird War Tales #43 (November-December, 1975)...

...showcasing the idea that, while war might be necessary, the only winners are the chess masters behind it...