Friday, November 5, 2021

Happy Birthday Jim Steranko

Celebrating the birthday of artist, writer, publisher, magician, film production illustrator and comic historian, Jim Steranko with this December 1983 cover to reprints of a few of his Nick Fury Agent Of SHIELD issues from the 1960s, featuring Nick Fury, Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine, Jasper Sitwell, Jimmy Woo, Gabe Jones and Dum Dum Dugan!

The stories reprinted there were from Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD #1 and #2 from June and July, 1968 (along with pages from a Nick Fury story from Strange Tales #168, but Steranko didn't do that cover, as it featured Doctor Strange, the other half of that split book at the time).

A true performer, still touring comic conventions to this day, with the occasional work of art gracing a cover now and then, a living legend in the history of comics!

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