Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Our Army At War Sgt. Rock

What's in a name?  

DC fans asked that, as after 301 issues of Our Army At War, the title suddenly changed to Sgt. Rock with issue #302 (but they still had Joe Kubert contributing his wonderful covers for the title. with Robert Kanigher providing the words!).

True, Our Army At War #1 (August, 1952), didn't feature Sgt. Rock (he started in Our Army At War #81 in April, 1959), it was Sgt. Rock that was the main feature of the book from then until Our Army At War #301 (February, 1977), with the title becoming Sgt. Rock #302 (March, 1977), and following the adventures of the top kick of Easy Company until Sgt. Rock #422 (July, 1988).

Saluting the Rock of Easy for holding it together for all those years, fighting World War II under what was DC's longest running war title!    

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