Saturday, November 4, 2023

Robin Vs The Clock

For a time, Robin had a solo feature in Star Spangled Comics.

In that feature, Robin even had a few of his own foes...and one of the most frequent was the Clock!

Starting in Star Spangled Comics #70 (July, 1947) by Don Cameron and Win Mortimer, the Clock was a menace to the Boy Wonder with his "Clocks Of Doom!", returning with "The Clock Strikes!" in Star Spangled Comics #74 (November, 1947) by Bill Finger and Jim Mooney, again for "Zero Hour!" in Star Spangled Comics #79 (April, 1948), also by Finger and Mooney, and a last tick for "The Man Who Stole Time!" with Star Spangled Comics #97 (October, 1949, with Tomahawk on the cover) by Finger/Mooney.

Star Spangled Comics #70 and #74 (July and November, 1947)


Star Spangled Comics #79 and #97 (April, 1948 and October, 1949)


A timely villain for the day, and amazing he wasn't part of the Time Foes, and find out where these are reprinted here!

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