Friday, June 2, 2017

Happy Doughnut Day 2017

More doughnut goodness from the Simpsons!

This time, the doughnuts try to escape a hungry Homer in this cover from Bongo Comics Simpsons Comics #198 (January, 2013) by Jason Ho and Mike Rote.

Like the doughnuts even have a chance.

Still, there's more doughnuts to be had by Homer.... can be seen in this cover from Simpsons Comics #210 (March, 2014) by Jason Ho and Mike Rote!  

Homer can move pretty fast when he wants to....

....and doughnuts seem to keep him moving!

Last, but not least, one more little bit of doughnut love from the Simpsons....

....this cover from The Simpsons Winter Wingding #3 (November, 2008), by Jason Ho and Mike Rote, with Homer wondering where all the doughnuts have gone....

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