Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Detective Comics 1000 Will Be Here Soon

Quite a bit of history led up to Detective Comics #1000.

Batman wasn't the star to start the book, but took over soon after, starting with #27 by Bob Kane with Bill Finger, back in May, 1939, and took over completely by adding Robin to the book with #38, with his Secret Origin.

It even went through 9 previous centennial issues (though, to be fair....one of them wasn't....900 was only 19!).

#100 #200  #300 #400  #500  #600 #700  #800

Brian Bolland variant
As well as so many issues in between....

So many villains started here, like Penguin and Riddler, Two-Face, Clayface, the Calculator....and even some of these short-lived villains like Zebra Man and Zodiac Master, though they weren't as much a pest as Bat-Mite!

There were also other heroes in Detective Comics who were detectives, times when Batman's dad was the hero, or maybe a Mystery Man, as well as times Batman was more stylish than others.

Heck, Batman must be starting to feel a little old, as Batman's own title is 79 (with Batman approaching 80 years!).

Dan Jurgens/Kevin Nowlan variant
Sadly, Detective Comics was outpaced by Action Comics, who got to 1000 first.

What will happen in the next 1000 issues?

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