Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas from Captain Marvel and friends.

Long before the X-men, Captain Marvel and his friends (Spy Smasher, Minute Man, Mr. Scarlett and Bulletman) were wishing you a Merry Christmas with Santa Claus with Xmas Comics #1 from 1941.

This was a collection of reprints from Captain Marvel Adventures #3 (August-September, 1941), Bulletman #2 (Fall, 1941), Whiz Comics #21 (September, 15, 1941), Wow Comics #3 (Fall, 1941) and Master Comics #18 (September, 1941) all under a new cover by Mac Raboy.  What Golden Age comic collector wouldn't love to find this under the Christmas tree?

Fawcett reprinted more comics, with Xmas Comics #2 in 1942, and, taking a few years off because of World War II, continued the reprints with Xmas Comics #3 in 1947, with different issues reprinted in each....under new Christmas themed covers.

Xmas Comics started again in 1949, running one a year until 1952 (totaling 7 comics), with the end of Fawcett Comics.


  1. Thanks, Dave, for covering comicdom's greatest family's Christmas covers!

  2. Thank you, John, for reading it! A little experiment in 12 days of Christmas; and thought that Mac Raboy cover from #1 was a great way to end. Check back for a little bonus coverage on Christmas! Did a bunch of these at once, but felt this one really hit the holiday!