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DC Invasion Crossovers Extra

Invasion aftermath...and a few extra secrets of the Invasion! as well.

Not every part of the Invasion! was covered in official crossovers, or its own 3 issues, and here are a few of the secret tales that filled in a few holes in Invasion!, and helped to place a few missing members of the DC Universe in one of its biggest events.

Suicide Squad and Titans

In Suicide Squad #23 (January, 1989 by John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Luke McDonnell and Karl Kesel), had Bronze Tiger, Vixen and Duchess facing the Warlords of Okaara and Thanagarians in Russia with the Rocket Red Brigade, Nemesis and Captain Boomerang fighting Khunds in Australia, and the introduction of computer guru Oracle (off-panel).  With New Titans #52 (January, 1989 by Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Bob McLeod), Speedy and Danny Chase were trying to find Titans to help in the Invasion! while the active members of the team (including Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, Jericho, Changling and Raven) were in space, finding out the history of Donna Troy/Wonder Girl.

Hawk and Dove and Power Company?

One of those Titans still on Earth, was the original Hawk (Hank Hall), and he participated in the Invasion! with his new partner, the new female Dove as seen in Hawk and Dove #1 (June, 1989 by Barbara and Karl Kesel, Greg Guler and Scott Hanna), filling in a little of their cameo in Invasion! #2.  Metropolis lawyer, Josiah Power, who would form the Power Company, got his powers from his metagene triggered by the gene-bomb detonated in Invasion!, and there were a few flashbacks to that time in Power Company Josiah Power #1 (March, 2002, by Kurt Busiek, Keith Giffen and Al Milgrom).

First Strike Aftermath

You may have noticed on the crossovers in the previous two articles that the crossovers were labeled either "First Strike" or "Aftermath".  For reading order, you read the First Strike issues between Invasion! #1 and #2, and the Aftermath issues between Invasion! #2 and #3, with reading the title crossovers with Flash first, then Manhunter; Superman first, then Adventures of Superman; Wonder Woman before Captain Atom; Firestorm the Nuclear Man before Starman; with Suicide Squad and Hawk & Dove happening between Invasion! #2 and #3, and New Titans and Power Company Josiah Power dealing with the Invasion! in general (but more or less around/before Invasion! #2).  

Atom and Superman

After the Invasion!, Atom (Ray Palmer) declined to rejoin the Justice League in Power of the Atom #9 (February, 1989 by Roger Stern, Graham Nolan and Keith Wilson) even as the team's membership was swelling (mostly as he didn't like Guy Gardner).  Superman had held to his promise and left Earth, with stories starting a lengthy outer space adventure, starting with Superman #28 (February, 1989 by Roger Stern, Kerry Gammill and Brett Breeding) and Adventures of Superman #451 (February, 1989 by Jerry Ordway).

Action Comics Weekly

Where was the crossover for one of DC's oldest titles, Action Comics?  Well, from May 24th, 1988 to March 14th, 1989, it was Action Comics Weekly, featuring short tales in serial form, featuring Superman and other members of the DC Universe.  The characters in ACW weren't left out of Invasion!, as Green Lantern, Black Canary, the Demon, Phantom Stranger, Deadman and Speedy were in various of the crossover issues....and Wild Dog even had a cameo in a panel in Invasion! #2!

L.E.G.I.O.N. and Justice League Europe

In the wake of widening of the DC Universe, there were a few new titles added to the line up, coming from Invasion!.  Starting with L.E.G.I.O.N. '89 # 1 (February, 1989 by Keith Giffen, Alan Grant, Barry Kitson and Mike DeCarlo), following the adventures of some of the aliens we met during Invasion! including Coluan Vril Dox, rock hard Dryadian Strata, mystery alien Stealth, Cairn police Garryn Bek, "the Durlan" and Talok VIII planetary champion Lyrissa Mallor (and, following their adventures showed ties to Brainiac, and later, the 30th Century Legion of Super Heroes!).  The JLI formed a European branch (rolling out from Justice League International #24) in Justice League Europe #1 (April, 1989 by Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis, Bart Sears and Pablo Marcos), with new (or rejoining) members of Elongated Man, Rocket Red, Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Flash (Wally West), Metamorpho and Power Girl under the leadership of Captain Atom (who had strained his relationship with the rest of the JLI due to his history).

Even Snapper Carr (an honorary JLAer from the team's first appearance, who got powers in Invasion! #1), and a group of humans who also got powers (Dexter Fairfax, Moshe Levy/Dust Devil, Mrs. Levy, Amos Monroe/Crackpot, Fritz Klein/Frag, Carlotta Rivera/Jolt, and added cat alien, Churl Jenkins were the group called the Blasters, got a one-shot special, the Blasters Special #1 (1989) by Peter David, James Fry and Robert Campanella.  Their outer space adventures continued in the Valor title, and Snapper later reappeared in Hourman in the early 21st Century (eventually relating the fate of the Blasters).

Better still, the Suicide Squad story was recently reprinted in Suicide Squad: Rogues in 2016, the New Titans story reprinted in New Titans: Who Is Donna Troy tradepaperback of 2005 , and Justice League Europe #1 can be found in Justice League International tradepaperback #5 of 2011, so it should be easy to find these stories, along with the tales around them to add more meaning!

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