Sunday, December 18, 2016

Howard The Duck Christmas

Merry Christmas from that foul-mouthed, transdimensional hero, the incredible Howard the Duck...

...who had this Christmas cover for his magazine issue #3 in February, 1980 by Jack Davis.

Marvel moved Howard the Duck (and his gal pal, Beverly Switzler) from his comic book series to the magazine series, starting with a new, magazine series #1 in October, 1979, with stories aimed for a slightly more mature audience (though, sadly, those stories were in black and white, except for the now painted covers).  The stories were written by Bill Mantlo and drew by Gene Colan, Michael Golden, and even Marshall Rogers on a special Batman spoof (Ducktective Comics) issue.  Sadly, the run only lasted until March, 1981, with issue #9.

Howard the Duck #1 and #2

October and December, 1979, by Gary Hallgren and Val Mayerik/Peter Ledger

Howard the Duck #4 and #5

March and May, 1980, by John Pound and Larry Fredericks


Howard the Duck #6 and #7

July and September, 1980, both by John Pound

Howard the Duck #8 and #9  

November, 1980 and March, 1981, both by John Pound 

Ironically, the magazines had articles on the status of lawsuits between Marvel Comics and Disney over the right of Howard to Disney now owns Marvel Comics! 


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