Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day With Wonder Woman and the Twelve Labors

Collected for July, 2012....was the Twelve Labors of Wonder Woman!

Covering the new Wonder Woman stories from Wonder Woman #212 to #222 (1974/1975)...

...this tradepaperback shows Wonder Woman's attempts to rejoin the Justice League after regaining her powers, with each JLAer monitoring her activities to see if Wonder Woman was still worth to rejoin the JLA, after the amazing amazon had problems that caused her to doubt herself!

The first two issues, with Superman and Flash as monitors.

The second two issues with Green Lantern and Aquaman

The third two issues with Black Canary and Green Arrow

The fourth two issues with Red Tornado, Phantom Stranger and Elongated Man

The fifth two issues with Atom and Hawkman

The last issue with Batman

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