Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Not Really The Walking Dead

Before Rick awoke from his coma in October, 2003 in Image's Walking Dead (and well before the AMC TV series), there was another Walking Dead comic book.

From September to December, 1989, Aircel Comics (a division of Malibu) published the original 4 issues of The Walking Dead by writer, penciler and cover artist, Jim Somerville (though cover #3 was done by Dale Keown).

Issue #1 was entitled "Genesis Of", #2 was "Presidential Address", #3 was "Corpse Under Glass" and the fourth and final regular issue was "Fin".

This was even followed up by the Walking Dead Zombie Special in 1990, because you can't keep a good zombie down!

But, Malibu was absorbed by Marvel Comics, and Image came out with its own, separate series by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore....and the rest, they say is history!

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