Saturday, May 20, 2023

Remembering Writer Gardner Fox

Remembering writer Gardner Fox on his birthday (May 20, 1911 to December 24, 1986) with a look at his work in DC's Silver Age, on the team he created...

..the Justice League of America!

Gardner wrote the first three appearances of the Justice League in Brave and the Bold, facing off against Starro, Xotar the Weapons Master (pictured on the cover of the Justice League of America Omnibus #1) and Amazo... 

...before moving over to its own title in, starting with #1 (facing Despero).  

Along the way, the JLA fought Kanjar Ro, Dr. DestinyFelix Faust, Dr. Light, and so many more; added members like Green Arrow, Atom and Hawkman; introduced Zatanna (who shares a birthday with her creator), as well as introducing readers to the multiverse with the Flash of Two Worlds (in the Flash's title), leading to the return of the Justice Society of America there, and becoming an annual tradition of JLA/JSA team-ups, which even introduced the world to the android Red Tornado, which ended Gardner's run on the JLA. 

For all this, and so much more (including Dr. Fate and Batgirl), Gardner, we salute you!



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