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Giant Justice League of America The Fifth

Giants were getting to be a little less so, with the fifth Justice League of America Giant, Justice League of America #76 (November-December, 1969, also listed as Giant #G-65) clocking in at about 64 pages....

...still, it did have that incredible Murphy Anderson cover, as well as two tales of the Justice League of America, as well as a couple of extras that made this a real special issue.

Justice League of America 7

The first of the reprints was from Justice League of America #7 (October-November, 1961), where the original JLA members (plus Green Arrow) entered "The Cosmic Fun-House" in a story by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs, under an original cover by Mike Sekowsky and Murphy Anderson.

This time around, aliens from the planet Angellax had taken over a fun house (coincidentally the one Snapper Carr had taken his girlfriend, Midge, to), transporting the couple to an alien world (which they were rescued from by the JLA).  Still, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Green Arrow went to check it out in their alter egos, whom the aliens then duplicate (and the duplicates send Superman, Batman and Martian Manhunter into the far future seeking Xotar to keep them busy).  Then, the aliens (also in disguise) lure Aquaman to the park.  The captured JLAers escape, but are distorted by the attempt (like a fun house mirror), and have to work harder to defeat their foes, return to normal and call Superman, Batman and the Martian Manhunter back from the future. 

Once all that is accomplished, the heroes come back to the park in their alter egos, with their appropriate paramours (Lois Lane, Kathy Kane, Steve Trevor, Diane Meade, Iris West, Carol Ferris and Bonnie King, with poor Aquaman left out at the time), to enjoy the rides!

Justice League of America 12

The second reprint was from Justice League of America #12 (June, 1962) featuring "The Last Case Of The Justice League" by Gardner Fox, Mike Sekowsky and Bernard Sachs (and cover by Murphy Anderson).  Laying on a bit thick with that title (especially considering a few issues came out after the original story....but, read on.....).

This issue starts with a new villain, Doctor Light, confronting a late to a meeting Snapper Carr, alone in the JLA the villain asks Snapper to record his history of the last case of the Justice League.  Arthur Light was a scientist who figured out how to manipulate light, and using that and other methods, first captured Aquaman, then using his signaling device, attracted the other JLAers, sending them to other worlds that would negate the Leaguers powers.  But, Superman and Batman, the last to arrive, figured out that something bad was afoot, and used their tried and true method of switching identities, which allowed Superman to leave Batman's planet trap, and eventually rescue all his teammates (with a little help to get the Batman dressed as Superman).  The team find Snapper at the Secret Sanctuary, then go off chasing Dr. Light at three different locations....capturing him, and finding out all three were light duplicates designed to distract the JLA, except one JLAer had planned a distraction of his own, which allowed the team to defeat the Doctor.


There were two special pin-ups in this issue, harking back to the Golden Age of DC Comics, with both of them being rendered by Murphy Anderson.

The first was a two page spread of the Justice Society of America, with its membership as it was at the time this issue came out including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and well as an extra half a page with a little of the JSA's history.

The second pin-up was that of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, who were the leaders of 14 issues of Leading Comics, and this team had not been seen in decades, with a few of the members not even active in current comics! 

This was a first step to bringing them back....

...that, and more Giant coverage coming in the future!

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