Monday, May 1, 2023

Remembering Artist Tim Sale

Remembering Eisner award winning artist Tim Sale on his birthday (May 1, 1956 - June 16, 2022) with a little Catwoman crime caper...Catwoman: When In Rome.  

This series was a murder mystery set during the time of Batman: Dark Victory, with Selina Kyle bring Eddie Nygma (Riddler) to Rome to chase down her possible family history involving Carmine Falcone of the Gotham mob.

To capture the foreign feel of the series, Tim echoed art from French/Italian  fashion illustrator, Rene Gruau.

Catwoman: When In Rome #1 and #2 (November and December, 2004)


Catwoman: When In Rome #3 and #4 (January and March, 2005)


Catwoman: When In Rome #5 and #6 (April and August, 2005)


Thankfully, this series has also been captured in a trade paperback, as well as in an Omnibus that includes Batrman: Dark Victory.

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