Friday, October 20, 2017

Remembering Nick Cardy

Remembering the legendary artist Nick Cardy with a couple of his odd covers over the years with a slight connection.

First up is the story of "Experiment 1000" from House of Secrets #6 (September-October, 1957), with Nick providing both the cover and art for the story of how scientists plan to kill a gorilla stealing a formula... least until the ape speaks in his own defense!

This story was reprinted along with others in The Unexpected #132 (February, 1972), where Nick Cardy also provided a spooky cover, for the story of "The Edge Of Madness" (by Murray Boltinoff and Jim Aparo), about a babysitter who goes to work for a new family living on the edge of town.

At least she didn't have to babysit a gorilla!

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