Friday, October 13, 2017

House of Mystery 13

Something a little different....a quick look at the 13th issue of House of Mystery from July, 2009 and the many creepy tales within....all under his cover by Esao Andrews!

First up, a tale by Matthew Sturges and Ralph Reese, called "The Thirteenth Hour" where a man watches the world get destroyed every day during the thirteenth hour!

Next, Bill Willingham and Eric Powell give us "The Lace Anniversary", where a couple reconsider their marriage during their 13th Anniversary.

With "13th Times The Charm", two immortals who keep meeting during their long lives finally make contact, in this story by Chris Roberson, and Neal and Josh Adams...

...then a quick note about the Neal Adams' variant cover for this issue, while writers Matthew Sturges, Chris Roberson and Bill Willingham all give their take on the Clockwork Storybook.

Finally, a little levity by Matthew Sturges and Sergio Aragones, involving Cain, the original host of the House of Mystery.....

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