Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wonder Woman Foe Minister Blizzard

When it is cold outside, it might not just be the weather, but instead, it could be this chilly foe of Wonder Woman's....

...Minister Blizzard!

Golden Age

Prime Minister Blizzard premiered in Wonder Woman #29 (May-June, 1948) in "Ice World's Conquest" by Robert Kanigher and H. G. Peter

Prime Minister Blizzard was the advisor to Princess Snowina of the Icicle Men, who was afraid of a climate change machine Professor Chemico (from Holliday College) had invented.  So, the Prime Minister decided to steal the machine for himself, attacking the Holliday Girls with it, as well as trying to sink New York with an iceberg.  Quite a few feats for Wonder Woman to handle, but she did, as well as convincing Princess Snowina that people of warmer climates meant no harm, and to take Blizzard into custody....though he was never seen again.

Silver Age

"The Return of Minster Blizzard" happened in Wonder Woman #162 (May, 1966) by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito (though to be fair, this was the Earth-1 Minister Blizzard, facing the Earth-1 Wonder Woman, as the Prime Minister was from Earth-2, facing its Wonder Woman). 

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor had to deal with a frozen Manhattan, that Minister Blizzard did a number on, though he did capture Wonder Woman with her own lasso, Wonder Woman did get free, and proceeded to thaw out the city and defeat the forces of Minister Blizzard.  This Minister Blizzard even reappeared in Justice League of America #139 (February, 1977), working with Captain Cold, the Icicle and a mystery villain who premiered in Brave and the Bold (search for his identity here!).

Modern Day

Minister Blizzard returned again as an eco-terrorist in Wonder Woman #4 (February, 2007) and Wonder Woman Annual #1 (November, 2007) (along with many other Wonder Woman villains, all reworked for the modern day by Allan Heinberg, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson, thought he barely makes the crowded cover....behind Wonder Woman's head), and even makes it into an issue of Justice League during the Darkseid War (as well as the 2017 Batman Annual). 

Still, for the decades he's been around, readers seem to give this villain the cold shoulder!

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