Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Happy National School Librarian Day 2017

Some days, it's just harder to work in the library...

...especially when a gorilla wants a book! 

We learn the "Secret Of The Man-Ape!" in Strange Adventures #75 (December, 1956) by writer Otto Binder, penciller Carmine Infantino and inker Joe Giella, all under this stunner of a cover by Gil Kane and Bernard Sachs.

Hint...aliens are involved.

Not to be outdone, the story found its way into From Beyond the Unknown #23 (July-August, 1973) with a cover by Nick Cardy.

Now, how could Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick and Treasure Island allow you to take over the world?

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  1. The cover grabbed the readers and made them want to read the book by arousing curiosity.