Thursday, March 16, 2017

Giant Jerry Lewis

Here we are with another collection of reprints, and a little extra...

 ...this time looking back at the lighter side of comics, with a couple of issues of The Adventures of Jerry Lewis in Super DC Giant S-19 (October-November, 1970)....

...all under a cover by Bob Oksner and Neal Adams!


The stories in this issue come from Adventures of Jerry Lewis #83 (July-August, 1964) with "Scared Silly" by Arnold Drake and Bob Oksner, featuring Jerry dealing with an old age home of retired horror actors (Boris Killoff/Krankenstein, Bela Le Ghouli/Count Drinkula and Peter Leery/Dog-Boy,  and from Adventures of Jerry Lewis #95 (July-August, 1966 also by Drake/Oksner) with "The Killer Counselor Of Camp Wack-A-Boy", dealing with Jerry returning to summer camp (run by Uncle Hal), with separate camps for the boys and the girls (Jerry brings along his nephew, Renfrew, Witch Kraft and her niece, Zanyia).


The series originally began as the Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (July-August, 1952), with work by Howie Post, and featured stories closer to what the duo did in movies, antics and misunderstandings with them and others around them, and this lasted until the Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis #40 (October, 1957), by which time Bob Oksner had signed on as artist....with the team of Martin and Lewis having split in real life....

On His Own

Jerry's comic counterpart soldiered on, as he took sole possession of the title with Adventures of Jerry Lewis #41 (November, 1957), with Jerry monkeying around, working his way through life, and through many adventures (including some that bordered on the supernatural), with the title ending with the Adventures Of Jerry Lewis #124 (May-June, 1971).

Super Friends

Of course, along the way Jerry did meet a few of DC's super heroes...
...including Batman and Robin (with the Joker) in Adventures of Jerry Lewis #97 (November-December, 1966), Superman (and Lex Luthor) in the Adventures of Jerry Lewis #105 (March-April, 1968)...

...Flash, Captain Cold and Abra Kadabra in the Adventures of Jerry Lewis #112 (May-June, 1969), Wonder Woman (in her non-powered guise as Diana Prince) and Queen Hippolyta in the Adventures of Jerry Lewis #117 (March-April, 1970)...

....and even tries his own hand at being a super-hero (the fearless Tarantula) in the Adventures of Jerry Lewis #84 (September-October, 1964), as well as Jerry being the first actor to greet Batman and Robin in the 1966 Batman TV show, as a citizen leaning out a window in the Batman episode "The Bookworm Turns" from April 20, 1966.

Holy "hey, lady", Batman!

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  1. Have a few from my childhood, then a few I bought at a comic book store a while back, and a bunch of digital copies someone shared. My favorite is when they go to camp and meet up with that 2 aliens again.