Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Wonder Woman

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wonder Woman celebrated the holiday back in Wonder Woman #14 (Fall, 1945) by being "Captured By Leprechauns" in a story by William Moulton Marston and H. G. Peter, with this story being reprinted in the Wonder Woman Archives #6 of 2010.

Etta Candy finds leprechauns while chasing after a squirrel that stole her last piece of candy, which leads Wonder Woman into a battle with the leprechauns, which results in Wonder Woman losing her memory for a time, as well as confronting a killer who tries to steal the jewels of Princess Elaine of Shamrock Land...

...with leprechauns Shaggy, Hoppy and Woggle returning in Sensation Comics #75 (March, 1948), along with Queen Moonbeam and her fairies (whom Wonder Woman encounters along the way).


  1. One of my favorite characters, one of my favorite holidays -- a great mix! Thanks, Dave. I was unaware of these stories.

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  3. Omg I looove this <33 This is perfect--Diana named for goddess of the moon assists Queen Moonbeam <33