Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Beware Great Caesar's Ghost

For all the times that Daily Planet editor invoked the saying, "Great Caesar's Ghost", you'd think the spirit would show up at some point.

Well, it did in Superman #91 (August, 1954) by William Woolfolk and Al Plastino (with Al also providing the cover), in a story entitled "Great Caesar's Ghost"!

It seems the publisher of the Daily Planet was feeling Perry was too old for his job, so Superman and Waldo Pippin (the Daily Planet's drama reporter) came up with the idea of Pippin pretending to be "Great Caesar's Ghost" to haunt Perry, and perform great deeds....after which he completed, the Daily Planet's publisher renewed the editor-in-chief's contract.  This saved Perry's job, and while Superman and Pippin revealed the ruse they pulled on Perry, they didn't tell him why to help Perry keep his pride....and favorite catch phrase!

Not to be outdone, "Great Caesar's Ghost" was also an episode (#5) of "The Adventures Of Superman" from Season 3, airing May 21st, 1955....with mobsters behind the spectral vision of Perry's, for John Hamilton and George Reeves to face!

Great Caesar's Ghost, indeed!


  1. There was also an episode of the 50's TV series, "Great Caesar's Ghost," in which a criminal posed as Caesar in order to try to unhinge Perry mentally, so as to discredit his testimony in an upcoming trial.

  2. Thanks, John! The episode had momentarily slipped my mind, but added thanks to you and Kelly Rusk!

  3. Seems I need my own Perry White to help me edit once in a while!