Saturday, November 5, 2022

Time For The JSA

As time ticks down, like the sands of an hourglass, so too do the variations of a classic cover, featuring the Justice Society.

Take a look below, as we head down covers featuring the Justice Society Of America, and their timely foe, Per Degaton.

All-Star Companion #4 (April, 2017)

Jerry Ordway supplied this cover for a publication covering the history of the Justice Society, with this volume focused on other teams inspired by the Justice Society, like the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the Invaders, as well as a little on Earth-2 in the 1980s with Infinity, Inc. and a look at the 1980s version of Secret Origins.

History in the pages!

JSA #72 (June, 2005)

Alex Ross supplied this stunning cover for the JSA, as the original team and the modern team work together to fight the time machinations of Per Degaton, including members like Power Girl, Jakeem and Johnny Thunder, the original Atom and Flash and more!

An epic battle for the ages!

America Vs. The Justice Society #4 (April, 1985)

Back to Jerry Ordway again, with the stunning conclusion to a historical look back at the career of the Justice Society, framed on with a court trial from accusations made in the dead Batman's diary, with Huntress and Robin leading the investigations to disprove what he did.

All while Per Degaton rages!


All-Star Comics #35 (June-July, 1947)

The original. by Irwin Hasen, wherein the Justice Society of America has their first battle with Per Degaton, the master manipulator of time, who would spent many decades just washing those test tubes as his attempted manipulations of time would fail.

See you in the funny pages!

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