Monday, October 31, 2022

Monsters Meet

Frankenstein's Monster and the Wolfman were among the first monsters who crossed each others path, and while they didn't during the run of Monsters Unleashed... are a pair of covers with one of each, and a good enough reason to review what's past.

Monsters Unleashed #6
(June, 1974) has a cover by Boris Vallejo, and the Frankenstein Monster made it onto the covers for these previously covered issues of Monsters Unleashed.

A werewolf is about to take out the tomb robbers on the cover of the Monsters Unleashed Annual of 1975 (with art by Ken Bald), with werewolves being the feature of previous covers here.

The last issue of Monsters Unleashed, #11 (April, 1975) has art by Frank Brunner and Dick Giordano, featuring devil hunter Gabriel, who would likely have no problem battling Man-Thing or other monsters as well, exorcising this month of monstrous coverage.

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