Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Celebrate National Nurses Day With Sue And Sally Smith

With today being National Nurses Day, a look back at a long gone title, from a long gone company, Charlton comics...

...with Sue And Sally Smith, Flying Nurses!

Blond Sue and brunette Sally Smith first appeared in My Secret Life #47 (September, 1962) by Joe Gill, Joe Sinnott and Vince Colletta, with a cover by Charles Nicolas and Vince Alascia in the story "I'll Die Soon, Darling" and "Firestorm", bringing romance and action with a bit of beauty to comics.

The sisters of mercy then took over the title, with Sue And Sally Smith, Flying Nurses #48 (November, 1962), with "No Serum For Greed", "We Must Go On Living" and "Dangerous Assignment" (all by Gill, Sinnott and Colletta, but cover by Dick Giordano).

Dick Giordano provided the covers for Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses #49 and #50 (January and March, 1963) with Gill, Sinnott and Coletta stories about them in #49 of Sahara Mission and "The Man Nobody Loved"...

 ...and "Death Mountain" likely by Gill, Sinnott and Colletta, and additional stories "Mental Cure" and "The Kissing Booth" in #50.

Joe Sinnott and Vince Colletta provided the cover for Sue and Sally Smith, Flying Nurses #51 (May, 1963), with stories "The Surgeon Had To Die" and "Fall of Death" with art by Sinnott and CollettaDick Giordano did the cover for #52 (July, 1963), with "Disaster Flight" and "A Thread Of Life", with the first story by Gill, Sinnott and Colletta, and the second inked by Colletta.

Their last two issues were Sue and Sally Smith #53 (September, 1963) with a cover by Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia, with stories "The Cure Was Courage" by Joe Gill, Dick Ayers and Vince Colletta, and "Sally's Safari" written by Gill and inked by CollettaSue and Sally Smith #54 (November, 1963) had a cover by Dick Giordano, and stories of "The Greed Virus" by Gill, Giordano and Colletta and "Sympton Of Evil" by Gill, Giordano and Colletta's studio.

Though forgotten by modern comic audiences, the thrills and romance of the Charlton era and adventurous nurses live on!

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  1. Giordano, Colletta, Sinnott, all giants of the industry, thank you for these examples of their seldom-seen art.