Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Remembering Artist Neal Adams

Remembering artist Neal Adams (June 15, 1941 - April 28, 2022)...

...with a look at some of his covers you might not have seen...from the Challengers of the Unknown, adventure heroes living on borrowed time, with pilot Ace Morgan, fighter Rocky Davis and acrobat Red Ryan taking a slight turn towards the supernatural, as science based member Prof  Haley was replaced with mystic Corinna Stark, and the team even met Deadman!

Challengers Of The Unknown #67 and #68 (April-May and June-July, 1969)


Challengers Of The Unknown #70 and #72 (October-November 1969 and February-March, 1970)


Challengers Of The Unknown #74 and #81 (June-July, 1970 and June-July, 1977)


Sadly, Neal's art didn't end up in the interiors of the title, except for Deadman pages in #74 (and, read more about Neal's work on Deadman here), with Neal only inking #81 featuring Multi-Man over Michael Netzer's pencils.  The two missing covers were by Joe Kubert and Nick Cardy, in case you are curious.

A little more of Neal's work can be seen, such as with Superman/Batman in World's Finest here, a touch of his Green Lantern here, his Tomahawk covers here and a little recent article on his passing here.

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