Friday, June 24, 2022

Big Bang Adventures 8 - Knights Of Justice

Taking a look back in the modern era!  Adventures of the Knights of Justice (heroes of the alternate Earth-B), a group of heroes modelled after the Justice Society of America (and a few extra), with an adventure set in 1947 (but done in recent years)....this one, from Big Bang Adventures #8 (June, 2021) by Pedro Angosto, Pablo Alcalde, Simon Loko and Adam Pruett.

Not familiar with the heroes of the Knights of Justice (or Big Bang Comics either)?

Well, don't worry, they provide pages that give a brief run down of the heroes and villains involved in the story (boy, they sure look familiar, don't they?).

Not to mention, a little of their history was detailed previously, here.  

The issue starts with a battle between the Knights of Justice and their foes, the Alliance Of Evil, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, but, there is something more sinister afoot, as Mephistopheles hands Venus the Golden Pomegranate....and she disappears.  The battle soon ends, as Dr. Weird appears, with a warning of dire times, as Venus is the embodiment of love, and without here on the Earthly plane, Earth will decline into chaos.

Venus was transported to the Underworld of Pluto, and the Knights have to go rescue her, while Venus deals with life in the land truly down under.

And, best of all, the solution was all found in one issue!

If these types of classic adventures thrill you, check out Big Bang Adventures on Indyplanet, and you can find this issue (and many more) available as downloads or print on demand here!

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