Sunday, April 14, 2024

Happy Birthday Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar

A happy birthday to Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar (April 14, 1977) with this cover to Mad Magazine #367 (March, 1998) by Mort Drucker... Buffy spikes a vampire version of Alfred E. Neuman.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Celebrating Artist Amanda Conner

Celebrating the birthday of artist Amanda Conner (April 12, 1967)...but which series to choose...Harley Quinn or Power Girl?

Well, no sense making a choice, as their was a 6 issue mini-series featuring both Harley Quinn and Power Girl, which included Vartox!

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1 and #2 (August and September, 2015)


Harley Quinn and Power Girl #3 and #4 (October and November, 2015)


Harley Quinn and Power Girl #5 and #6 (January, 2016)


Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Remembering Artist Mac Raboy

Remembering artist Emmanuel "Mac" Raboy on his birthday (April 9, 1914 - December 12, 1967)...but instead of giving you some of his (many) Captain Marvel Jr. covers, here, instead is his covers for Bulletman, of which he did four...

...with Jim Barr going into adventures with his girlfriend, Susan Kent as Bulletman and Bulletgirl!

Mac also contributed to a few covers for America's Greatest Comics and Master Comics, which allow Captain Marvel Jr. to be snuck in here, along with Fawcett's other great characters: Spy Smasher, Captain Marvel, Minute Man and Mr. Scarlett!

Bulletman #2 and #3 (Fall 1941 and January 14, 1942)


Bulletman #4 and #5 (March 11 and May 13, 1942)


America's Greatest Comics #1 and Master Comics #22 (1941 and January, 1942)


Friday, April 5, 2024

Caveman Bob Hope

Just a couple of covers featuring funny man, Bob Hope... a caveman.

Adventures Of Bob Hope #43 (February-March, 1957) with art by Owen Fitzgerald and Graham Price, has Bob making time with a prehistoric hottie....and Adventures Of Bob Hope #88 (August-September, 1964) with art by Bob Oksner, shows Bob on the run, likely because of the trouble he always finds himself in! 

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Remembering Artist Joe Orlando

Remembering Italian-American artist Joe Orlando on his birthday (April 4, 1927 - December 23, 1998).

Usually known for his horror art and editing, as well as dabbling in humor comics, he occasionally did super heroes, such as the covers and insides for Metamorpho #5 and #6 (March-April and May-June 1966).

Monday, April 1, 2024

April Fools With Vertigo Ambush Bug

As it is April Fools' Day, one could actually spend a whole month (and then some) focusing on Ambush Bug as done by Keith Giffen, but instead, just a peek at his Ambush Bug Nothing Special #1 (September, 1992), from a time when comics were very serious, especially DC's Vertigo line.

So, of course, as DC's continuity cop, Ambush Bug came along and had a little fun with Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, Sandman and Death in Keith's 9 panel style.  

Because, why not?

Ambush Bug meets Swamp Thing and the Doom Patrol 


Ambush Bug meets Sandman and Death


Sunday, March 31, 2024

Harley Quinn Scrambles Easter

To be fair, not sure Harley Quinn plans any violence to this Easter egg on this Frank Cho cover to Harley Quinn #72 (June, 2020)...

...but, knowing Harley and with Batman's symbol on it...that egg is likely scrambled by now!