Monday, October 3, 2022

Werewolf Monsters

A couple of covers from Monsters Unleashed featuring werewolfs, as things get a little hairy under the full moon!

Monsters Unleased #1 (June, 1973) has a cover by Gray Morrow, and Monsters Unleashed #4 (February, 1974) is illustrated by Pujolar, incredible covers from the age of Marvel magazines.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Halloween Horror

Just a quick shot to start off October, with Halloween Horror #1 (October, 1987) from Eclipse Comics, with a painted cover by George Chastain, suggesting just a hint of the horror of Halloween to come!

Reprints of stories from Scoop Comics #3 (March, 1942), which forms the basis of the cover, as well as The Beyond #26 (April, 1954), Crime Detector #5 (September, 1954) and Frankenstein #5 (October-November, 1954).

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Remembering Artist Russ Heath

Remembering the talented artist Russ Heath (September 29, 1926 - August 23, 2018) on his birthday.  

Usually known for his war comics, Russ could do some fantasy art as well....though hidden through the view of a scuba mask, as he did these incredible covers for the Sea intrepid group of adventures including Dane Dorrance, Judy, Nicky and Biff, with Dane later leaving the group to become a member of the Forgotten Heroes, who fought incredible mystic menaces and fantastic creatures of the deep.

Showcase #27 and #29 (July-August and November-December, 1960)


Sea Devils #1 and #2 (September-October and November-December, 1961)


Sea Devils #4 and #5 (March-April and May-June, 1962)


Sea Devils #6 and #7 (July-August and September-October, 1962)


Sea Devils #9 and #10 (January-February and March-April, 1963)


Sea Devils #14 and #15 (November-December, 1963 and January-February, 1964)



Monday, September 26, 2022

National Pancake Day 2022

Little Archie came up with a great idea for making pancakes easier (and Jughead can't wait), as you can see from this cover to Little Archie Comics Digest Magazine #42 (May, 1990), here, on National Pancakes Day!

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Captain America Vs Conan

Long before the Savage Avengers, fans wondered what it would be like if Conan the Barbarian faced off against one of the Marvel heroes... in point, the cover of Comic Reader #150 (November, 1977), as illustrated by Larry Houston, where Captain America tests his shield against the sword of Conan!


Sunday, September 18, 2022

Remembering Artist Joe Kubert

Remembering artist Joe Kubert (September 18, 1926 - August 12, 2012) on his birthday with a look at a few covers he did for fantasy characters over the decades, including the Viking Prince and Claw The Unconquered.

Claw The Unconquered had 9 issues done before it disappeared for a while, but when it returned in 1978, Joe Kubert provided its last 3 covers for the warrior with the demon hand.


Musician Jim Rook found himself in another dimension, where he welded a different sword as Nightmaster, for 3 issues of Showcase in 1969.


Viking Prince was a series Joe Kubert provided the interiors for from Brave and the Bold #1, but only covers for the last three issues of the Viking Prince's run in 1959.  


Joe Kubert was usually know for war covers, but, as you can see, he could sneak some fantasy into those as well!


Even more than the covers above, there was a team-up of Sgt. Rock and the Viking Prince...and you can read more about that here!


Saturday, September 17, 2022

Batman Day 2022

Celebrating Batman Day with an iconic image of Batman and Robin from Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson, which was a poster available at the height of Batman's popularity during the 1966 Batman TV series.

This visual proved so popular, that it served as the inspiration (with slight modifications) for two different collections of Batman stories: Batman From the 30s to the 70s (1971) and Tales Of The Batman: Carmine Infantino (July, 2014), along with the image being reprinted in Limited Collectors' Edition #C-44 (June-July, 1976) and Batman In The Sixties (March, 1999). 

But, it was originally a fold out pin-up in Detective Comics #352 (June, 1966), where Batman and Robin faced off against Mr. Esper (who would later return to cause the calamity that helped form Titans West!).