Thursday, July 19, 2018

Destination Moon Comic

Destination Moon was a movie, but it was also a comic book that came out in 1950 by Fawcett!

With a photo cover with scenes from the movie, Otto Binder, Dick Rockwell and Sam Burlockoff adapted the movie written by Rip Van Ronkel, Robert Heinlein and James O'Hanlon

The movie also came out in 1950, and focuses on 4 would be astronauts who wanted to make sure the American Flag was the first to be planted on the moon.  So, this fantastic group put together a rocket they called "Luna"...

....and headed out to the moon, which they had to do quickly, as the government was making a court order to prevent private exploration of space.  They had problems in space, as well as when they landed on the moon, which they said they did for all mankind.  

But, they miscalculated the amount of fuel needed to return....would one of them have to stay behind?

A historical movie, important for its special effects and realistic portrayal of space travel (though it would take about 19 years for us to make it to the moon) produced by George Pal and directed by Irving Pichel.  The movie won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects.
Amazingly, this story was reprinted by Charlton in March, 1956, with its first page used as the cover of Space Adventures #20, and this movie and comic were just one small the United States making it to the moon for real!


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