Saturday, August 12, 2023

National Bowling Day 2023

Happy National Bowling Day, as the evil Mr. Memory attempts to bowl down the Justice League of America with an atom-ic spin on this Murphy Anderson cover for Justice League Of America #14 (September, 1962).

An important issue of the Justice League of America, as this is the issue the Atom joins the team.

The team faces Mr. Memory, who recruits Green Lantern foe Hector Hammond, Flash rogue Pied Piper, one time Aquaman menace Sea-Thief, Wonder Woman villain Angle Man and Green Arrow's nemesis Dr. Davis (all of whom capture the heroes to set up this deadly well as the Joker, at least behind the scenes, who delivers Batman as well).

As for who Mr. Memory really is...he was the previously appearing Justice League villain, whose debut was in the second story reprinted in this Giant!

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