Saturday, December 4, 2021

Shazam! It's December

Holy Moley!  

It can't already be December, can it?  

It sneaks up on you and attacks, just like Dr. Sivana did to Captain Marvel at the Acropolis in Greece, with his toys, in his entry from the 1977 Super DC Calendar for December, by Kurt Schaffenberger.

But how did Uncle Dudley and Shazam Winnebago get across the ocean to Greece?  (Rhetoric...likely a feat by young Billy Batson's alter ego!).

December is doubly important for Captain Marvel, as he first said Shazam! in the first Whiz Comics #2 (February, 1940) on which came out on December 1st, 1939, and he and his family moved over to DC with Shazam! #1 (February, 1973) on sale on December 14th, 1972, where the Big Red Cheese was ready to take on Superman (eventually)!

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