Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Remembering Artist John Romita

Saluting the life of artist John Romita, Sr. (January 24, 1930 - June 12, 2023).  

Starting off with Captain America, horror and romance comics, after a brief try out on Daredevil, John was quickly moved to the Amazing Spider-Man where he made his mark on the world.

So successful on Spider-Man, John became Marvel's art director, shaping Marvel Comics for decades to come (and, after his incredibly powerful cover to Marvel Treasury Edition #1 of September, 1974, he did a few other Treasury covers, include as well, to show how epic his work could be).

Marvel Treasury #2 and #3 1974


Marvel Treasury #5 and #8 1975


But, the more important part, as John's work was used in more promotional items for Marvel in the 1970s...

...was the humanity he brought to his art, evidenced by this shot from the 1978 Spider-Man calendar (April), of Peter Parker and his cast outside the Coffee Bean.  

An all too short a look at the life of John Romita, Sr., but a little look at his romance comics can be found here, and even some DC work here!

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