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A Big Tarzan Adventure

When Tarzan came to DC, it was a big thing...made that much bigger when the origin of Tarzan by Joe Kubert (adapting the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs) was reprinted in the larger than life Limited Collectors' Edition #C-22 (Fall, 1973).

Sadly, the treasury collection did have to edit pages for space (but did include a crossword puzzle, word search a "learn to draw" feature by Kubert and and a photo and biography of Joe Kubert), but here, we summarize what was contained in that oversized volume!

Tarzan #207 (April, 1972)

"The Origin Of The Ape-Man" began with Tarzan's parents, the Lord and Lady Greystoke, who were marooned in Africa by pirates.  

Making the best of it, John Clayton Sr. fashioned a home for himself and his wife, Alice, who gave birth to their son, John Jr.  Alice perished from a rare virus, and then John Sr. was killed by the great ape, Kerchak.  

Kala, a female gorilla, who had lost her own child, took John Jr. to raise as her own (with the young John later to be known as Tarzan). 

This issue also contains "Tarzan's First Christmas" which is reprinted from the newspaper series, and a John Carter Of Mars feature, "Arrival".

Tarzan #208 (May, 1972)

"A Son's Vengeance" is the next part of the Tarzan origin story.  

Tarzan grows amongst the apes, but also finds a knife which he takes as a weapon.  

He also learns to read and write from his parents journals, learning he is different from the apes.  

Tarzan's adoptive mother, Kala, is killed by Kulonga, a chief of a local tribe.  Tarzan then enacts vengeance and kills Kulonga.

This issue also contains "The Baby Of The Apes" which is reprinted from the newspaper series, and a John Carter Of Mars feature, "Prisoner Of The Tharks".

Tarzan #209 (June, 1972)

"A Mate For The Ape-Man" introduces Jane Porter to the series.  

More pirates put Jane and her father's party a shore.  Tarzan battles this ape rival, Terkoz, banishing him from his tribe.  
Tarzan protects the Porter party from the jungle threats, meeting William Clayton, and slowly falling in love with Jane.  

Terkoz observes this, and takes Jane to humiliate Tarzan, with Tarzan chasing after, killing Terkoz to save Jane.

This issue also contains "Fight For Life" which is reprinted from the newspaper series, and a John Carter Of Mars feature, "A Fair Captive From The Sky".

Tarzan #210 (July, 1972)

"Civilization" concludes the adaptation of Burroughs' original Tarzan novel with a full length feature, with Jane, her father and William Clayton being marooned on the African coast to be rescued by Tarzan.  Eventually, the lot heads to America, with Tarzan learning French from Lt. Paul D'Arnot, who also finds Tarzan's parents' journals.  Tarzan heads to Baltimore to reunite with Jane, but learns she is engaged to Clayton.  D'Arnot uses the journals to find out Tarzan's history, and telegrams him this (learning that Clayton is Tarzan's cousin), but Tarzan keeps this to himself to insure Jane's happiness.

DC also had a second Edition of Tarzan, reprinting more of Kubert's work, as well as 52 issues of the lord of the jungle.

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