Saturday, April 22, 2023

Celebrating Artist Yanick Paquette

Celebrating the birthday of Canadian artist, Yanick Paquette (April 22, 1974), with a look at the covers he did for Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer in 2006, featuring Alix Harrower, a young woman who found herself encased in living metal, turning her into a reluctant super hero and involving her in a larger, odder world of super powered people.

Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1 and #2 (January and February, 2006)


Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #3 and #4 (April and May, 2006)


also did the cover for a collection of issues #1 and #2, which also included some of the other Seven Soldiers from their mini-series, including Klarion the Witchboy, Mr. Miracle and Frankenstein (other volumes including the rest of her mini-series, as well as the Manhattan Guardian, Zatanna and the Shining Knight in their connected story).

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