Sunday, July 17, 2022

Happy Birthday Lana Lang

By the old DC calendar, today is the birthday of Lana Lang, one of the more famous residents of Smallville.

She first appeared in Superboy #10 (September-October, 1950) to be a thorn in young Clark Kent's side, trying to prove he was Superboy...

...then, when she was an adult (starting with Showcase #9 from July-August, 1957), she first officially met Lois Lane, making life difficult for her, proving a rival for her as a reporter, as Lana would soon join the ranks of the Daily Planet.  Lana would also be a rival for Lois, competing for Superman's affection.  

Though she would leave Smallville (and later, Metropolis) for a time, Lana would always come back, and kept a connection to both Clark, and even Lois over the years, even developing super powers of her own, usually Kryptonian variations, but, she did have her own super identity (and the one she used to be a reservist in the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Insect Queen).

From time to time, Lana would become interested in another boy or man with super powers (most notably, Vartox), but Lana's heart would return to Superman....


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