Sunday, July 24, 2022

Blackhawk's Queen Killer Shark

Blackhawk and his merry band of pilots faced many a menace in their days, but none was worse than Killer Shark...

 ...especially when he turned the team's Lady Blackhawk into the menace known as Queen Killer Shark!

Queen Killer Shark and The Return Of Queen Killer Shark

In Blackhawk #200 (September, 1964) by Dave Wood, Dick Dillin and Charles Cuidera, the Blackhawks' foe, Killer Shark, used a secret formula on the female member of the Blackhawks, turning her evil, and making her his partner, Queen Killer Shark!  She wouldn't return until Blackhawk #204 (January, 1965) by Bob Haney, Dillin and Cuidera, where she wrestles between good and evil personalities (and even turning Blackhawk evil for a time).

Five Links To Eternity and The Revenge Of Queen Killer Shark

Appearing next in Blackhawk #216 (January, 1966) in a story by Haney, Dillin and Cuidera, the Blackhawks and the Sharks battle over a scientist's invention on a dangerous island, while in Blackhawk #225 (October, 1966) by Ed Herron, Dillin and Cuidera, Queen Killer Shark has to free a captured Killer Shark from the Blackhawks on the anniversary of her conversion to evil.

Queen Killer Shark has one last appearance, in Blackhawk #228 (January, 1967) by Haney, Dillin and Cuidera, as a blow to the head brings back her normal self as Lady Blackhawk (as the team goes abnormal, taking on superhero identities for a time).  Though she didn't make another cover until the end of this run (or join the boys in super hero dress up), Lady Blackhawk was there....but didn't come back in any of the revivals, instead being revived in Guy Gardner: Warrior and Birds Of Prey.

Zinda first appeared as Lady Blackhawk in Blackhawk #133 (February, 1959), with art by Dillin and Cuidera, becoming a member of the team in Blackhawk #140 (September, 1959), while the Earth-1 version of Killer Shark first appeared in Blackhawk #108 (January, 1957) with art by Dillin and Cuidera, with the two first meeting in Blackhawk #170 (March, 1962).

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