Friday, June 25, 2021

Remembering Artist Alex Toth


Remembering one of comics' greatest artists, Alex Toth (June 25, 1928 - May 27, 2006), on his birthday.  One of the most influential pieces of work he did was on the Limited Collectors' Edition #C-41 (December-January, 1975/1976), where he did the cover, and art for a special bridging story in this treasury sized book that focused on the popular animated series of the time, the Super Friends.

The story that allowed them to use two previous issues of the Justice League of America was having junior Super Friends Marvin White, Wendy Harris and the Wonder Dog are given a tour of JLA headquarters (the Hall Of Justice), as well a little history of the team as well.

Really, its just an opportunity for Toth to draw the Justice League and all its members at the time, as well as a few of the people who helped the team (which include Hawkgirl and Zatanna, as they weren't members at this time...

...likely this and a DC Super-Stars which reprinted some wonderful Zatanna tales are likely the reason she became a member of the JLA).

The treasury also had features on Super Friends animation (which Alex Toth worked on, providing model sheets for the characters.....highlighting the basics needed, which worked well for animation...). well as an article on how involved animation was, which, of course, having worked there, he knew a little about!   Incredible work by an incredible talent, not unlike his work a few years before on the Black Canary series in Adventure Comics!

All this and two classic issues of Justice League of America as well (#61 and #36  from March, 1968 and June, 1965 by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky), which #61 was covered under the mystery villain of the piece, and the other needs covering in the future!  

A book collection, and artist, that had a lifelong effect on this old comic reader! 


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