Thursday, February 29, 2024

Quantum Leap Year

With this being a Leap Year, time to celebrate Superman's birthday (which is February 29th)...but, want to also celebrate Quantum Leap, a show about Sam Beckett, who leaps into people who need help with the help of his hologram, Al Calavicci.

If only there was a way to do both....Great Krypton (or Oh, Boy!), there is!

In a story by Terry Collins and Rob Davis (with cover by C.W. Taylor) for Innovation's Quantum Leap #5 (May, 1992), Sam leaps into a mild mannered reporter (though Henry "Hank" Briscoe, not Clark Kent), who has to help a young girl become a scientist to help found his own time travel project!

The Quantum Leap comic lasted for 13 issues (and one Special Edition, from September, 1991 to August, 1993) in the 1990s, but disappeared as Innovation went out of business (as neither Superman nor Sam could save that company).

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