Friday, December 1, 2023

Sgt. Rock With War's Christmas Present

A grim reminder, headed into the holiday season, that war is still with us, and the only winner in war is death, with this cover to Sgt. Rock #21 (February, 1992) by Joe Kubert.

A careful reminder of the balance that must be maintained, fighting for the right, but not descending into evil ourselves.

Not much of a Christmas present for readers either, this, the last issue of this run of Sgt. Rock specials, featuring reprints of classic tales, with this issue including tales from Our Army At War #236, #257, and #262, including two Sgt. Rock tales from Our Army At War #228 (February, 1971) and Our Army At War #271 (August, 1974), also with covers by Kubert.

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