Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Happy Birthday John Stewart

Today is considered the birthday of John Stewart, Green Lantern.  

To celebrate, here is his first appearance, and his last appearance in Green Lantern as Hal Jordan's backup.

Green Lantern #87 (December-January, 1971/1972)

Under a cover by Neal Adams, with story by Denny O'NeilNeal Adams, and Dick Giordano where Hal Jordan is tasked by the Guardians of the Universe to train a new backup Green Lantern after Guy Gardner is injured, teaching architect John Stewart of the meaning of "Beware My Power".  

But, Hal learns when John deals with disreputable politician Jeremiah Clutcher, not every solution to a problem is as clean cut as he is used to dealing with, teaching the teacher a lesson as well.

John would have a few more appearances backing up Hal, including subbing for him once with the JLA during a Christmas tale, and working with Hal and Green Arrow Oliver Queen, before John and Ollie have a team up on their own...

Green Lantern #165 (June, 1983)

Under a cover by Gil Kane, with story by Mike W. Barr, Keith Pollard and Dan Adkins, John Stewart is pressed into service by the Guardians of the Universe after a long period of inactivity while Hal Jordan is banned from service on Earth for a year, to face "The Curse Of Krystayl".   

The Guardians also want Green Arrow to help against this menace, a living crystal being who absorbs human life (though Ollie is none too happy about how the Guardians have treated Hal).  After a few mistakes, John and Ollie get to working as a team, John finding the flaw in Krystayl, which Green Arrow is able to shatter, allowing the duo to defeat their foe!

Of course, John Stewart went on to do much more, working with the Justice League of America after that last appearance in their first annual facing Doctor Destiny, then, as shown with these Dave Gibbons' covers (here) taking over for Hal!

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