Saturday, September 2, 2023

Celebrating Artist Walter Simonson

Celebrating the birthday of artist Walter Simonson (September 2, 1946).  

It was a Herculean task finding which of his varied covers to highlight today....and that in itself suggested some of his earlier work, that of Hercules Unbound (the story of Hercules, let loose in a post-World War III world!).

Hercules Unbound #8 and #9 (December-January, 1976/1977 and February-March 1977)

Hercules Unbound #10 and #11 (April-May and June-July, 1977)

Hercules Unbound #12 (August-September, 1977)

For more on DC's world After Disaster (along with OMAC and the Atomic Knights), check here!  

And, thrill to Walt's Dr. Fate epic here!

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