Sunday, April 24, 2022

Martian Manhunter Marvin The Martian

More looney fun today from DC, with multiple men from Mars...

....that of the DC detective, the Martian Manhunter, and Looney invader, Marvin the Martian, under covers from Aaron Lopresti and Stephen DeStefano!

It's an event that thrills Martians across the multiverse.

In this DC Comics/Looney Tunes crossover, the Martian Manhunter responds to a call from Marvin the Martian looking for other Martians, and J'Onn J'Onnz has to stop Marvin from blowing up the Earth in the main story by Steve Orlando, Frank J. Barbiere, Aaron Lopresti and Jerome Moore, while, in the more animated back up by Jim Fanning and John Loter, the Martian Manhunter tries to help the little fellow with his loneliness as Marvin the Martian covets J'Onn's many Martian abilities (which Marvin doesn't have).

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