Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Happy Birthday William Shatner

Celebrating the birthday of William Shatner, with a pair of special comics devoted uniquely to him!

From 1995, TekTrek: The William Shatner Story #1 by Michael Buckley and Alexander Jubran...

...and from 2009, William Shatner Presents #1, with a cover by Alan Brooks, and two stories, one by William Shatner, Scott Davis and Erich Owen featuring Jake Cardigan from Tek War, a second story by Shatner with David McIntee and Joey Mason on a "Quest For Tomorrow", and a third story, by Shatner with C.J. Henderson and Pat Broderick featuring Man O' War!

Some rare Shatner collectibles for you to search for, beyond Shatner's Kirk portrayal! 

I just want to know, when will we get Denny Crane comics?


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