Friday, October 13, 2023

House Of Secrets Change

House Of Secrets was another great DC anthology title, featuring odd tales for a while, before settling on a few regular features, then a little hiatus, before being revived as a horror title (edited by Joe Orlando), with a stunning Neal Adams cover, and giving Abel a home of his own (as his brother, Cain, who was the horror host of the House Of Mystery).

House of Secrets was home to regular features for most of its pre-horror time, with Mark Merlin (a supernatural detective, with his secretary/fiancee Elsa Magusson) taking up residence starting with House Of Secrets #23 (August, 1959), Eclipso (scientist Bruce Gordon turned super-villain) coming on with House Of Secrets #61 (August, 1963), and Mark being replaced in his own feature by Prince Ra-Man (a reincarnated wizard brought back to replace Mark, and worked with Elsa) in House Of Secrets #73 (July, 1965).  Eclipso and the Prince's series and title ended with House Of Secrets #80 (September-October, 1966) and a few years passed before the success of the House Of Mystery change revived the title with House Of Secrets #81 (August-September, 1969), with a wholly changed house!  House Of Secrets would even later spawn someone else...and Eclipso would go on as well.

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