Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Celebrating Artist Rob Liefeld

Celebrating the birthday (October 3, 1967) of Rob Liefeld.

Before his stellar days at Marvel and Image, Rob worked on the first Hawk & Dove mini-series (written by Karl and Barbara Kesel, and inked by Karl), where a new female Dove was introduced to replace Hawk (Hank Hall's) brother, Don, who lost his life during the Crisis On Infinite Earths.  

The series also introduced the duo to DC's ongoing war between the Lords of Order and Chaos (usually just the purview of Dr Fate), and had them face Kestrel, an agent of chaos.

Hawk and Dove #1 and #2 (October and November, 1988)


Hawk and Dove #3 and #4 (December and Winter, 1988)


Hawk and Dove #5 (Holiday, 1988)


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