Sunday, September 18, 2022

Remembering Artist Joe Kubert

Remembering artist Joe Kubert (September 18, 1926 - August 12, 2012) on his birthday with a look at a few covers he did for fantasy characters over the decades, including the Viking Prince and Claw The Unconquered.

Claw The Unconquered had 9 issues done before it disappeared for a while, but when it returned in 1978, Joe Kubert provided its last 3 covers for the warrior with the demon hand.


Musician Jim Rook found himself in another dimension, where he welded a different sword as Nightmaster, for 3 issues of Showcase in 1969.


Viking Prince was a series Joe Kubert provided the interiors for from Brave and the Bold #1, but only covers for the last three issues of the Viking Prince's run in 1959.  


Joe Kubert was usually know for war covers, but, as you can see, he could sneak some fantasy into those as well!


Even more than the covers above, there was a team-up of Sgt. Rock and the Viking Prince...and you can read more about that here!


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