Friday, May 27, 2022

Covering Perez X-Men

Of the many titles George Perez worked on for both Marvel and DC, sadly, X-Men was not one he did any work on regularly.

The only two covers George did during the regular run were of X-Men #112 (August, 1978), inked by Bob Layton, and X-Men #128 (December, 1979), inked by Terry Austin.

Still, two pretty good ones!

Of course, Marvel did adapt one of George's portfolio pieces for the cover of Age Of X-Man Alpha (March, 2019), as an incentive variant (the original sketch was based on Marvel Team-Up Annual #1....).

While it was Frank Miller and Terry Austin who did the cover of X-Men Annual #3 (August, 1979), there is some of the all too rare Perez X-Men interior art (covered by Between the Pages blog, here!).

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