Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Wonder Woman Tasmanian Devil

Now, for something a little different...a quick peek at a more recent team-up, featuring two characters that have been around for decades, yet hadn't had adventures together....

....Wonder Woman and the Tasmanian Devil!

As a part of the DC meets the Looney Tunes series, this issue came out in August, 2017, with a regular cover by Jim Lee, and a more animated cover by Bryon Vaughns.

In the more "serious" side, Wonder Woman had to recruit the Tasmanian Devil to help rescue Queen Hippolyta and the Amazons from Circe and the Minotaur (by Tony Bedard, Barry Kitson and John Floyd), and, the more "animated" epilogue featured Taz getting the meal he was promised by Diana (as well as a few more antics), by Tony Bedard and Ben Caldwell.

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